About AWToday

Hi everybody interested in Argentine wines! We are trying to put toghether all the growing information about the wines from Argentina that is published around the world in English language. Feel free to mail us or comment any idea that can help us to develop this work.


Daniel López Roca,


Suipacha 868 PB
1008 Buenos Aires, Argentina

tel. (011) 4574.3292
mob. (011)(int.911) 5460.2722


VinoSub30, WineUnder30, AWToday, AWAgenda, AWFan and AWPro are registred trademarks of ArgentineWines.Com

VinoSub30.com Argentina
Av de los Constituyentes 5938 4ºB
1431 Buenos Aires, Argentina

tel. (011) 4574.3292
mob. (011)(int.911) 5460.2722
fax. (011) 4574.9731

VinoSub30.es España

c/ Canal de Panamá 2 2º-A

28027 – Madrid, España
tel. (+34) 92 326 77 86
fax. (+34) 91 326 77 86

FIJEV www.fijev.com
Delegado en Argentina
Fédération Internationale des Journalistes
et Ecrivains des Vins et Spiritueux

Meininger’s Wine Business International
Magazine – Correspondent in Argentina
Meininger Verlag Publishing
Maximilianstrasse 7-17
674333 Neustadt, Germany


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