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Argentina delivers surprises that pack a punch
The Toronto Star
Argentina has been winning a tango contest with the taste buds of the world. Where once Chile dominated the best-buy aisles, then Australia, now the intense grapes harvested in the dry sun-stroked Andean …
Boutique Vineyards: A Dream Becomes Reality
Nu Wire Investor
.. in these regions when compared to those in more affluent countries. One such region is the Mendoza valley in Argentina. Argentina is the world’s fifth largest wine-producer, ranked just behind the U.S., according to a 2005 U.N. report. It is the …
Tasting Room
Jan 14 | Food & Wine
Argentina’s red wines are one of the great success stories of the past few years – and for good reason.
Burgundy that wona t break the bank
Jan 14 | San Marcos Daily Record
.. unique and reflect the terroir. Following are our comments on two of his offerings: * Layer Cake Malbec Mendoza Argentina 2007 ($20). An amazing nose of blackberries, blueberries, chocolate and cinnamon spice. Ripe fruit but good acidity with …
Top Wine Selections from 2008
Wednesday Jan 14 | Times Record News
.. wines more than $20, and the winery of the year. TOP TEN WINES UNDER $20 10) New Age White: This white wine from Argentina is sweet and delicious and perfect for our summertime heat. Retails around $8.99. 9) Casal Garcia Vinho Verde: This light dry …
Sampling Malbecs, rich, affordable red wines
Wednesday Jan 14 | The Baltimore Sun
Malbec, a red wine from Argentina, delivers good taste at a low price. Malbec is a wine for recessionary times.,0,6287139.story
For a bold taste of reds, get a taste of Argentinian wines
Wednesday Jan 14 |
Argentina continues to be a leading source of unique red wines. I especially enjoy wines produced from Malbec, Argentina’s signature red grape.
V V List Release
January 17, 2009
New releaseHello Everyone! Wine from a very popular region is the feature this weekend – we’re going to Argentina – a formidable wine producer on the global stage. Wines from Argentina tend to be big and bold – to be drunk with beef – cattle ranching being another predominate industry of the region. Argentina produces Malbec – a wine that has gained a huge following over the past several years. Vintages is bringing us more than the ubiquitous Malbec this time – check out our picks below …
Fine wine values ring in a thrifty new year
Saturday Jan 10 | The Toronto Star
.. left on the cutting room floor, these are unquestionably worth a detour. Cheers! Alamos 2007 Chardonnay $13.95 (Argentina) Lavish aromas of woodsmoke, butter tart and hazelnut are not for the faint of heart. The rich flavours show golden apple …
Food Network(TM) Star Guy Fieri Joins Cabo Wine & Food Fest 2009
Friday Jan 9 | PR Newswire
.. the soil, grape selection and maintenance. The festival will also be graced by the attendance of Susana Balbo of Argentina as she represents the wines from her namesake vineyard. Moreover, Mutual Trading Company will participate representing …
Wines to pick you up when your stocks go down
Friday Jan 9 | The Napa Valley Register
.. do what I do: Buy a mixed case and have the delight of picking your favorites, and then go for those by the case. Argentina Two years ago, I went to my first all-Argentine wine tasting, with 25 offerings produced from the malbec grape, a …
The Chronicle Wine Selections Argentine Malbec
Thursday Jan 1 | SFGate
Malbec, one of the six red Bordeaux grape varieties, has come into its own in Argentina.
The 2007 Bodega Norton Malbec was, at $9 a bottle, the best bargain of ’08.
Thursday Jan 1 | – Miami & Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Dolphins & More
.. in pursuit of really nice wines under $10. Last year’s winner was the 2007 Bodega Norton Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina: chocolate-cherry aromas and flavors; soft, ripe and mellow; $9. * I will try wines in boxes. Lots of them. I will do it with an …
2009 A time to eat, drink and be frugal
Wednesday Dec 31 | The Globe and Mail
.. up across the land over the past 20 years. The economic malaise is playing into another trend, bargain wine from Argentina. Ms. Mogk-Edwards says the trend is exemplified by the Fuzion phenomenon. That’s a reference to Zuccardi Fuzion, a smooth, …
Best wines have sense of novelty
Wednesday Dec 31 | The Times-Tribune
.. to check them out. Argentine torrontes For many, 2008 will go down as the year of torrontes. The white wine from Argentina has captured a lot of attention this year for its low price, perfumed fruitiness and satisfying taste falling somewhere …
Torrontes, and Why Not?
Wednesday Jan 7 | Food & Wine
My upcoming February Tasting Room column will be on Argentina’s red wines – a grab-bag of tasty, affordable bottles that isn’t quite online yet.
From the Cellar: Be it resolved: Better wines at sweeter prices
Tuesday Dec 30 | East Valley Tribune
.. known as stewards of the land at Lodi and farm their properties organically. $25. Graffigna Grand Reserve Malbec, Argentina. Here’s another good illustration of stepping away from $10-and-under and finding something special. Sure, it’s exotic …
Singe city
Monday Jan 5 | The New Zealand Herald
.. in the middle of a dust storm. Dry red earth settles dustily on everything, including the grapevines in this arid Argentine wine region, nestled at the foothills of the Andes mountains. Home to more malbec than any other grape, Mendoza’s hot days, ..
Argentine wine holds up to test of time; bag-in-box wine wows
Riccardo Barraza / Special to the Times
01/07/2009 12:00:00 AM MST
EL PASO — A few months ago, I mentioned my odyssey into selecting a bag in box wine to import.The last time I was in the Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adigo, I did a midnight tasting of several bag in box wines. After many tastings, I located an excellent price- to-quality bag in box from Italy, only to discover that it is an atypical product in Italy that demands a minimum purchase beyond my present needs ..

Wine bargains from Argentina and Chile

San Jose Mercury News
I’ve been trolling for wine bargains lately, and I’ve found some good ones from South America – specifically, Chile and Argentina. from once-overlooked locales gaining respectability
Sunday Jan 18 | The Oregonian
.. ghetto and were eclipsed by better marketed rivals of equal or better quality from Australia and, more recently, Argentina. To their credit, ambitious Chilean producers resolved to make better wines than anything previously offered. Starting in the …
Wine Column – January 18-24
Monday | Southwest Booster
.. h Africa. $11.49 **** Sauvignon Blanc, Fleur du Cap, South Africa. $13.99 **** Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, Trapiche, Argentina. $10.40 **** Chardonnay, Little Penguin, Australia. $12.99 **** 15/01/09

What to Bring to Caracas Williamsburg
The village VOICE
.. quors (268 Grand Street). We told Allman we’d be having some meaty arepas. Their wine suggestion? An easy-drinking Argentine Malbec that kept us on the same continent as our arepas and held up to their beefy spiciness. Dona Paula, 2007 Malbec, $13

For a bold taste of reds, get a taste of Argentinian wines
Wednesday Jan 14 |
Argentina continues to be a leading source of unique red wines. I especially enjoy wines produced from Malbec, Argentina’s signature red grape

Maybe it’s time to move to Bonarda
Wednesday Jan 14 | Now Toronto
WHY: If you’re no longer wowing friends with the novelty and value of Argentinian Malbecs, maybe it’s time to move to Bonarda.

Wine Blogs Alert

Dona Paula Los Cardos Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Wine Review
Saturday Jan 10 | The Wine Cask
Great value Cabernet from Argentina! This is a well-regarded Malbec producer who also does a nice job with Cab at a bargain price … in the News
AnuvaSunday | Expat Argentina
.. this one won’t last long. On the agenda to start off the new year is a visit to Mendoza and Salta, two of Argentina’s most exciting viticultural regions. We’ll be there to taste new wines, meet with winemakers, and tour new wineries so that we can …


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