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Local wine expert Andy Andresky shares his favorite bottles
In 2008, wines from Spain, Chile and Argentina have weakened the exporting strength of countries such as France and Australia.These new vineyards abroad bring a cache of new finds.White grapes, such as albarino, trajadura, viognier and torrentes are taking center stage.
Local food events pair the food of France with wines
Toledo Blade – Toledo,OH,USA
For dessert, pumpkin bread pudding will be featured with the 2008 Crios de Susana Balbo Mendoza Torrontes. The dinner is $74.50 per person, which includes
Pinot gris is a lighter and less filling wine to drink before dinner
16/11/08 statesmanjournal |Frank Sutherland

Elk Cove was top choice of wine-tasting group. For the past several years, many of my female friends have moved from chardonnay to pinot gris as a before-dinner drink.Now, I see males following suit for this wine that is lighter and less filling to drink, either as an aperitif or with good food. Oregonians long have paired pinot grigio with salmon, but it goes well with most fish and seafood.
Ten Reasons to Love Buenos Aires Part 1 – USA
3) Malbec. This wine is generally phenomenal, local, affordable and beautiful with the traditional dishes. Some of my favorites include Catena’s affordable–Cocktail-Examiner~y2008m11d16-Ten-Reasons-to-Love-Buenos-Aires-Part-1


Wine Blogs

What is the difference between a Chardonnay wine, a Malbec and a …
By admin
chardonnay wine -. malbec wine -. merlot wine -.
Standish Wines –

2002 Bodega O. Fournier Malbec Alfa Crux
Tasted by phlegls. (92 pts.) – Tasted 11/15/2008. [FIND IT!]
CellarTracker Tasting Notes (all notes) –

Five for the holidays
By William M. Dowd(William M. Dowd)
Malbec was long a minor French blending grape. Some years ago some enterprising Argentinean vintners decided their high country vineyards would be ideal for the grape they thought could stand on its own.
Dowd’s Wine Notebook –

Links of the week – November 17!
By Aaron Epstein
The scoop on Torrontes, Argetina’s emblematic white wine. The full low-down on The Vines of Mendoza – we couldn’t’ve said it better ourselves! VIDEO: The Wine Spectator’s James Molesworth compares 3 of our favorite Malbecs,
Vines of Mendoza Blog –

November 20th Wine Tasting
By Leavitt & Sons(Leavitt & Sons)
80% Chenin Blanc and 20% Torrontes from Argentina. The grapes were picked at peak ripeness and were cooled during fermentation to maintain natural residual sugars. Awesome flavors. Pairs well with spicy Asian food and light pasta,
Leavitt & Sons –

The Perplexing Bonarda Grape
By hwh(hwh)
Two years ago I was in San Francisco at a very cool, small wine bar and read about Bonarda – from Argentina – on the menu. So I tried it. The wine I remember was big flavors, deep cherry, smokey, and very interesting.
A Glass Half Full –

Epilogue: The Ottawa Wine & Food Show 2008
By Jerrold
From November 7th to 9th, a selection of fine Argentine wines available through the Woodside Wine Appreciation Club was shared with thousands of wine enthusiasts at the 23rd annual Ottawa Wine and Food Show.
The Woodside Wine Appreciation Club –

La Cabrera – The Steak who killed me – Solo Mission
By bitpom666
I love Argentina and their beautiful lollypop trees. honeymoon-buenos-aires-pt2-112. Great ambience, decent service, a fantastic and affordable wine list, unbelievable steak and great sides. Truly worth the wait and the visit.
Steak Club 7 –

Argentine Private Wine Tasting from Anuva Vinos
Dec 09, 2008 (Tue): Host your own private tasting of 6 different limited production wines from Argentina with the founders of Anuva Vinos. Anuva is a wine club that sources premium, limited production wines for its members in the US
New York City Wine Tasting and… –

WineStyles – Wines of Argentina
Nov 21, 2008 (Fri): Taste some of the amazing wines this region has to offer! Taste between 5 – 7 wines and enjoy light foods that compliment the wines. We make wine buying simple – wines will be available to purchase.
San Diego Wine Tasting and Dinners… –

Delightful Argentinean Wines
By Beer
Argentinean wine is a good wine and my favorites. Of course, the cost of Argentinean wine will vary depending on different things such as the variety and vintage and well, so many other factors, but thankfully you can easily purchase
Beer Wine Liquor –

Cheap Exotic Vacations for budget travelers
By admin
Argentina offers amazing scenery, exciting nightlife options, world-class dining and wine – all at budget prices. Budget travelers can easily get by on less than $50 a day. The well-known Argentinean nightlife makes it the perfect
Rafting | –

Saturday, November 15
By bookworks(bookworks)
For dessert a couple of us shared chocolate pot de creme; plus we had a couple of bottles of a nice Argentine wine. Great meal. Friday, Arthur stopped by to pick up some leftovers and go to his second job. He’ll be home Saturday around
Thayer in the Kitchen –

Can you tango like that?!
By thirsty bird(thirsty bird)
Universo Austral Patagonia, Malbec Reserva, 2007 Universo Austral Patagonia, Chardonnay Reserva, 2007 Marta’s Vineyards, Mendoza, Torrontes Reserva, 2008 Interestingly, most Brits preferred the Norton Malbec and the Argentines went for

Wine Tasting in Argentina – The things you’ll want to know before …
By barrysentials
They will give you the overall perspective of Mendoza and her wine regions and you will be more prepared to have a great time. Most wine tastings in Mendoza are a Tasting & Tour and require a reservation. Start here for the overview of
Barrysentials Wineblog –

Thanksgiving Red Wines
By Marcus(Aroma Thyme Admin)
Wine, of course, adds to that celebration. And since the Thanksgiving meal often includes a wide array of flavors and turkey pairs well with a range of wines, opportunities and options abound. “A way of removing the angst of deciding
Hudson Valley restaurants & dining… –

Argentina Trip 2008 – Day 2: A Ferrly Fine Day Upon waking, we …
By ryan dobson(ryan dobson)
But this was also difficult, because we landed at the port of BA at 3:30pm, and at 7:30pm boarded an overnight bus (Andesmar) to travel from BA (east coast of Argentina) across the country overnight to Mendoza (on the westernmost side
ryandobs –

2007 Bodega Catena Zapata Torrontés Alamos
Tasted by misfits. smells of honeysuckle. clean taste of lemons and wet rocks. smooth, sweet, almost reisling-like finish. (88 pts.) – Tasted 11/16/2008. [FIND IT!]
CellarTracker Tasting Notes (all notes) –
NY Wines Among Top Picks for Thanksgiving
Marcus Guiliano, the chef and owner of Aroma Thyme Bistro in Ellenville, likes the Familia Mayol, Motuiri Vineyard Malbec from Mendoza. “This is a single-vineyard Malbec and worth the extra few dollars,” he says.
Ellenville Blog –
2006 Bodega Catena Zapata Bonarda Alamos
Tasted by cjames. big taste – lots of pomegranate and green pepper (84 pts.) – Tasted 11/15/2008. [FIND IT!]
CellarTracker Tasting Notes (all notes) –
2004 Tikal Alma Negra
Obviously made in modern style……yet at the same time rustic in presentation, no doubt due to the Bonarda. Hypothetically, this wine almost reminds me of a leathery Rosso di Montalcino blended with a spicy, modern Spanish Garnacha.
CellarTracker Tasting Notes (all notes) –

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