AWToday 22/09/08

Wine News

Penfield couple hiked at the stunning Iguazu Falls in Argentina
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle – Rochester,NY,USA
steak and Malbec wine at an outdoor cafe. We also made a side trip to Iguazu Falls, about 800 miles away on the border of Argentina and Brazil.

Wine Blogs

I Need A Bucket List…
By (TONY a.k.a.
meet paula deen. – cook with paula deen. – visit vietnam. – get a book published. – be present at a historic speech. – eat at the french laundry. – own a restaurant. – attend pinot noir camp in the pnw. – pick malbec grapes in argentina.
soy sauce packets & epiphanies –

By TADtheband(TADtheband)
Our cycle took us through fields and fields of vines which were all destined to end up as fine bottles of Malbec. There were wine museums, wine cellars and huge buildings with endless corridors of massive barrels. …
Tilly, Derek, Conor & Jack´s… –



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