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We’ve been Tango’d – Mendoza, Cuyo, Argentina
Unfortunately for the atmosphere in our part of the ground, Paraguay soon went 1-0 up and Teves (key Argentinean player) got sent off, but luckily Argentina did eventually score, to make the final score 1-1, although the Paraguayan Recent Updates –


Choosing wine for reception…advice?
By admin
Also try an Argetinian Malbec for a medium body wine (they are excellent from Argentina!) Just one note – do a wine tasting. Do several wine tastings. You want your wedding to be perfect, and that includes the wine!
Free Vino Tips –

Day 53…Friday, September 5, 2008…Out of the Gorge and on to
By niles2222(niles2222)
We immediately stopped at the Reininger Winery to taste some of their outstanding Carmenere…a relatively obscure grape variety once favored as a blending gape in Bordeaux and now grown extensively in Chile and Argentina.
Bill’s Totally Excellent Alaskan Blog –

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