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The many names of Tempranillo
By k2(k2)
Oddly enough, you are seeing more producers in Argentina dabbling in this grape. This particular example shows their Italian influences, taking on the guise of a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano-styled Sangiovese with bright acidity woven
Under The Grape Tree –

Google Insight for Search
By jason
By entering in wine + vino, and comparing the data across multiple countries, such as Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela, the distributor can get a sense of where interest is more prevalent. The resulting graph indicates greater –


Fiestas de Vendimia 2008 Closing
By admin
Located at the famous Baron Balch’e Winery, this event will have a cost of $100 USD and will mix the best of Mexican wines with the music and art of Argentina. Starting at 6:30PM on Saturday the 16th of August, this is one heck of a
Que Pasa Baja –
Wine of the week: Yellow + Blue Malbec 2007
By Jeff Siegel
The Wine Curmudgeon has been looking for a great, cheap Argentine malbec for years. The Yellow + Blue ($10 for a 1-liter box) may be it. A couple of caveats: Availability could be limited, and there’s no guarantee that the wine will be
The Wine Curmudgeon –
Wine review: Yellow + Blue Malbec 2007
By Jeff Siegel
I have been looking for a great, cheap Argentine malbec for years. The Yellow + Blue ($10 for a 1-liter box, available at Central Market ) may be it. A couple of caveats: Availability could be limited when the current supply runs out,
Back Talk Far North Dallas –
SWILL’s free and ready-to-use wine tasting list with wine ratings
By admin
Color, power, flavor and commendable balance; that’s pretty much the format for Punto Final, one of Argentina’s go-to brands for Malbec. This youngster is ripe and ready, and it holds form onto a long finish. If it seems a little young
SWILL wine tasting party blog – 
Porcão Rio Churascaria: A True Taste of Brazilian Elegance
The Epoch Times – New York,NY,USA
the manager, John Munoz, recommends a full-bodied wine from South America, Argentina’s 2002 Malbec-Tempranillo or a Rioja from Spain.

Cracking the Code Of Restaurant Wine Pricing
Wall Street Journal – USA
They also say Pinot Noir from Australia, Malbec from Argentina and Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa, which have gained ground in the wine market in recent

Dallas’ Dali Wine Bar & Cellar has lots to offer, and not just to
Fort Worth Star Telegram – Fort Worth,TX,USA
on glasses of wine from a carefully assembled collection of unique labels such as the Tiza Malbec from Argentina, a red recommended by the savvy staff.

2006 Kaiken Malbec
Very Good Malbec… Opulent ruby red purple. Bright and dark plumb, clove, anise and cedar on the nose. Full bodied and balanced, the flavors follow with deep dark berry and ripe plumb flavors, a touch of loam and cedar spice.
CellarTracker Tasting Notes (all notes) –

Carlos Pulenta Vistalba Corte C Malbec Blend 2005
By Jerry Hall
Carlos Pulenta Vistalba Corte C Malbec Blend 2005 Vistalba Corte C may not be flashy, or possess one of the Top 10 most creatively designed wine labels, but it has a great quality: finesse. In fact, it’s truly sensual.
winewaves –

Buenos Aires, Argentina Wine Tasting
By danielkarlin
Perhaps even more subgenres of nationalities and ethnicities came together last night in my humble abode to share gorgeous Ma
lbec, Pinot Noir, Bonarda, Torrontés, Malbec blend, Sparkling White, and yes, another Malbec.
Wine Tastings in Buenos Aires –

The Doña Paula Winery Emerges onto US Market
By Gwen E. Kirby
Joshua Tree to Import Argentine Winery Finca Las Moras; NY Wine Reviewer Gives ‘07 Argentine Malbec Good Marks; New York Times Tastes and Talks about Malbec; White Wines of Argentina Come into the Summer Spotlight; Argentine Wines Score
The Olympics: A Summer Wine Break
By Daniel
Malbec, malbec, malbec. Why? It’s my favorite. Being a former swimmer at the University of Southern California myself, I find that for approximately 2 weeks every 4 years I spend an inordinate amount of time in front of the television

AnuvaBlog –
2005 Bodega Catena Zapata Malbec Catena
Tasted by blaurvick. Silky smooth and heavy in the mouth. Last time I had a bottle, was just after a 2006 Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy and there was such a difference between the two that I scored this an 84. Much better when it’s on it’s
CellarTracker Tasting Notes (other… –

By k2(k2)
Susana Balbo: The “reserve” Malbec gave me a gentle reminder of why I used to sell the hell out of her stuff. This one had tons of fruit with that patented toasty vanilla nuance. La Posta: It was nice to taste the Malbec since the only
Under The Grape Tree –

Wall Street Journal explains restaurant pricing
I’m looking for the single-vineyard Malbec, that Albarino I may not have heard of, or that Washington Bordeaux-style blend. I guess it is because I am not wealthy, but I am always keen on the Quality-to-Price ratio.
Chowhound’s Latest » Wine –



 Wine Sites

Food and wine: A last-minute summer vacation
Pique newsmagazine – Whistler,BC,Canada
Good value red wine produced at the “39th” parallel. Along the same vein is a soft and drinkable Pascual Toso Malbec 2007 ($14) from Mendoza, Argentina.

Sour grapes
Long Island Business News (subscription) – Ronkonkoma,NY,USA
Importers, distributors and wine buyers all agree that much more favorable exchange rates, especially in Chile and Argentina, are driving the change in

 Sigh … yet another marvellous Malbec
Globe and Mail – Canada
Should present trends continue, I’m afraid the caption under the picture accompanying this column may have to be rechristened to read “Malbec of the Week.  

Wine Sites

 Wuhan attracts many foreign wine companies
Wines-Info.Com – Nanning,Guangxi,China
Three foreign vintners from France, Australia and Argentina aimed to exploit Chinese western market few days ago. Wuhan was the first stop of the project.

Dining calendar
Louisville Courier-Journal – Louisville,KY,USA
The wine will be a Trapiche oak cask malbec. Dessert will be an orange flan and alfajores, served with a Septima Maria cava, a sparkling wine. Cost is $65.





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