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Argentine winemaker says Malbec put his country on world’s wine map
By Tomas
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Argentine winemaker says Malbec put his country on world’s wine
More than a century after his grandfather, Leoncio Arizu, planted the first vines for Bodega Luigi Bosca in the foothills of the Argentine Andes, Alberto Arizu finds, as he travels the world, he still has to explain that Argentina does,
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2006 Bodega Renacer Malbec Punto Final
By MonkuWino (MonkuWino)
Am I sounding like a broken record? Here’s another winner that I want to report to you. I’ve been pondering that – how it seems like I’ve had a long string of wines that get the thumbs up from me, that I would recommend to you.
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Wines of Argentina
By admin
Unlike in south west France, Malbec is at its best in Argentina. The grape’s deep, rich colours and intense, juicy flavours are largely responsible for putting the country on the world wine map. It style ranges from simple and juicy to
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A Question of Taste: Can A Wine Be Bad, Yet Still Good?
By Leah Greenstein
I mean, if I just don’t like malbec, and it just doesn’t taste good to me in any style, why must I admit that it is well made? Is it really necessary to say, “I don’t like malbec, but I do recognize that this wine is of good quality!
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