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2006 Bodega Renacer Malbec Punto Final
Very well balanced young malbec. Had with Kim at the airport Hilton at Helsinki airport with chateau briand and stood up to the meat very well. Agree with previous comments below that given the balance that this wine already has,
CellarTracker Tasting Notes (all notes) –

July 31st Wine Tasting
By Eric Fullagar(Eric Fullagar)
Ricardo Santos (Argentina) – Ricardo Santos was the first Argentine winemaker to export Malbec to the USA over 30 years ago. He’s the former owner of the Norton Winery. He left a career in architecture, convinced that Argentina could
Freeport Cheese and Wine –

Ten Recession-Proof Wines
Forbes – NY,USA
palate,” says Vaynerchuk–not something typically assumed of a $12 wine. Two of Vaynerchuk’s other recession-proof picks come from Argentina and Chile.
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Likable, affordable – why is Carmenere off the radar?
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
He says Argentine Malbec is far outpacing Carmenere. Andy Booth, Spanish Table’s co-owner and wine buyer, is currently in Argentina looking for wines,
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